NeSPaT service accepts the challenge and is ready to provide safe transportation in research related to Covid.

The Covid-19 pandemic has proved to be a major challenge for all humanity. The pharmaceutical industry worldwide is focused on searching for solutions to counteract the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In support of this, many studies involving patients with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 are undertaking.
When launching such studies, the obvious question to ask is: how to transport patients with this diagnosis? It does so, first, to provide them with quality and safe transfers, and second, to exclude the possibility of the virus spreading during transportation.
NeSPaT service accepts the challenge and is ready to provide safe transportation in research related to Covid. We are aware of the seriousness and responsibility of this process, therefore, we are introducing enhanced measures sufficient for the safe and comfortable movement of patients.
Despite the difficult epidemiological conditions, the NeSPaT service continues to organize reliable and safe patient transportation in Ukraine. We firmly believe that with our assistance you will be able to demonstrate responsibility and care for patients, when they especially need it.



In view of the risks caused by COVID-19 transmission, NESPAT has introduced additional patient safety measures during their transportation to research centres.

At present, in our cars antiseptic agents and protective facemasks are available.

Antiseptics are used for:
- regular (before the trip) cleaning of objects and surfaces of the car, that may be touched during transportation;
- disinfection of hands of the driver and passengers.

According to a specially approved instruction the driver transporting the patient should wear protective facemask.

In addition, the driver offers the transported patient to put on protective facemask and disinfect hands with antiseptic agent.

Stay healthy!



Under the quarantine regime introduced in Ukraine, NESPAT continues to transport patients in full throughout Ukraine.

Taking into account the difficulties arising complimented by the temporary cancellation of regular transport connections with the independent movement of patients within the framework of protocols for which we currently do not have an agreement, we suggest using the accelerated procedure for including patients in the transportation process using such protocols.

In addition, we are able to carry out tasks of any complexity for the safe and comfortable transportation of CRO employees and sponsors, investigators, nurses, as well as small-volume goods (drugs, analyses, etc.) across Ukraine, both between cities and within any cities.

We will try to help you in resolving any issue related to transportation in Ukraine.

Stay healthy!


We offer a complex solution for organization of patient transportation as part of clinical trials.
We operate in all regional centers and other large cities (Krivoi Rog, Kremenchug, etc.) of Ukraine and Belarus.
We provide the following services:


Transportation by car within city, regional or intercity

Meals delivery

Hotels reservation

Reimbursement of other patients travel expenses

Rail tickets

Air tickets

Transportation by special medical transport

Patient transportation with means:

Comfort and safety for patients.

Convenience in ordering for researchers.

Detailed and convinient reporting system for monitors and management.

Our clients

We provide services of patient transportation for CRO, clinical research departments of pharmaceutical companies and SMO.

We are proud that we are trusted both by the world leaders of the research industry and by small companies.

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About Us

In 2013 we started organizing patient transportation. Since then, we have gone through a long and interesting way of development and improvement of our product. With all responsibility we clame that we have transformed the service of patient transportation to a completely new and higher level of service.
This is confirmed by lots of positive references from all participants of the process: managers and monitors of CRO, researchers and patients. However, we do not stop on the achieved and continue to improve our services and technologies.
In the beginning of 2017 we set and registered the NeSPat™ (New Standard of Patient Transportation) trademark.

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